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5 ways to motivate Restaurant employees to enhance guest experience.



5 ways to motivate & inspire Restaurant employees to enhance guest experience.lady tipping

There are many highs and lows in the restaurants industry, the daily grind and hard work of employees could drain them mentally and physically. Part of a restaurant manager’s accountability is to motivate and inspire his or her staff to deliver extraordinary service to ever guest, and to provide exceptional experience. Every employee in the restaurant from the Host staff to the dishwasher has a share responsibility to impact the guest experience. Here are 5 ways to motivate and inspire your employees to enhance guest experience.

1. Pre Shift Meeting: - This is the time to educate the staff about current events, menu items, steps of service and opportunities from previous shifts. Also entertain the staff by reading positive dining comments from yelps or other sources, praise employees that has  guest compliment, the line cook with the best ticket times or zero re-cooks. During this meeting you can spot employees who are prepared and motivated for the shift, check their moods if they look tired or not engaged then have a separate conversation with them before they start their shift. You can bench them if they aren’t ready to play.

2. Server Productivity report: - Restaurant employees want to know how they are performing just like other industries. I find it useful and motivating for servers and bartenders to be inspired to do more when they know how much they contribute in the sales of the restaurant. There is a sense of ownership and pride in them knowing how many bottles of wine, appetizers, desserts, liquor and beer they’ve sold in a quarter. By posting this information every month servers and bartenders will be highly motivated to do more, servers can also use the report to view how they are measure against their peers. The employees with consistent high sales in wines or appetizers can share their selling techniques to help other servers improve.

3. Fun Contest:- Create a monthly or quarterly contest that will inspire the employees to perform at a high level. The contest should be fun and rewarding for the restaurant and the staff.  A smart measurable creative contest such as sell 1000 bottles of wine in a period, first figure out how many wine  sold last year same period or same year previous period and set a goal from there. The guest will benefit from the contest because having a bottle of wine on their table puts them in a different class of diners and is economical. The staffs learn more about wine varietals’ and characteristics which will boost their confidence. You can always create a contest for the host, food runner and even Kitchen staff.

4.Restaurant Knowledge: - Highly successful restaurant employees acquire a great deal of knowledge, the familiarities, facts and information they have helps them provide extraordinary service to make the guest experience memorable. Nowadays guest are more educated about customer service than they were 30 years ago, customers can easily notice a non confident server versus a confident server. In this day an age of social media customer awareness is at a new height, new standards of services have been created and the bar is raised. Knowledge is “justified true belief.”

5. Management Support: - Restaurant employees tend to be a bit sensitive, so it is imperative for management to be there to support the staff when needed.  During the busy hours operation manager floor presents is critical to the guest experience to make sure employees are assisted in getting a bottle of wine, table visit for a guest opportunity or connection, deleting an item from a check or a server might have a question about ticket times.  Manager support and floor presence inspires employees, reduce their frustrations, get them out of the “weed” and keep them engaged and  present to the guest.




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